This is the most important break of your life. You are presently breaking between two acts—that of your past and that of your future. Intermission Counseling is here to help you navigate through this time. At Intermission Counseling, you will find a space to reflect and explore your life’s direction. We give you the tools to reorient yourself towards a better tomorrow, one that is intentional, full of purpose and meaning.

Sandra Kobsar

Life presents at times many complications, leaving us unsure of how to respond and at times leaving us brokenhearted and hopeless. Many of us may try to push through the ordeal, some may simply ignore what is happening out of fear of facing the consequences and yet others may give up all together, bound to repeat similar life cycles, never fully living and loving yourself, others or life.

Intermission Counseling specializes in helping you heal from traumatic transitions. These experiences often blind us to see life’s possibilities, hindering us from being our best self and living our best life. We journey with you and invite you to respond to life circumstances with boldness.

Intermission Counseling isn’t just for the brokenhearted. We also specialize in helping you find life purpose and direction through coaching services. You may simply be at a loss with what you are supposed to do with your life, feeling confused, disoriented and maybe disappointed about life’s outcomes. Intermission Counseling is here to empower you in asking the tough questions, finding solutions, and clarifying your goals and directions.

At Intermission Counseling we explore spiritual  health, an aspect that is often omitted from many counseling and coaching frameworks. We embrace God as the divine healer, able to bring restoration to broken lives, and hope for a purposeful future.  Intermission Counseling uses Listen to My Life as a “visual tool that helps you invite God into the process of reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing to walk with God into your future.” 

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